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People, Process & Technology, The Three Factors of HR Service Delivery

If you had Dr. Steven Happel for microeconomics at Arizona State in say the mid 1980’s then you may still remember that the three factors of production are Land, Labor and Capital. Likewise, the three factors of HR Service Delivery are People, Process and Technology.

We (HR practitioners) used to talk in these terms a lot but for some reason People, Process and Technology doesn’t seem to come up as often as it used to. Why is that? It is still the best, most fundamental way of thinking about effective and efficient HR Service Delivery. We should be talking about it more.

If you’ve never heard the mantra of People, Process and Technology it’s really quite simple. These are the three things one needs to deliver HR programs and services effectively and efficiently to employees. The key is knowing how to prioritize these three factors and how to balance between them.

Many companies have experienced a dissatisfied workforce when one or more of these factors are not working. Maybe the HR systems are old, unreliable, and not interconnected causing data reliability issues or worse. Sometimes unclear or non-existent processes are causing employee dissatisfaction. Or maybe there just aren’t enough people to support the demand from the workforce.

Finding the balance between the three can be tricky. If you’re systems are not up to par but there’s no money to make investments in better technology you may have to live with it. Fixing broken processes can be easier todo but sometimes internal politics or sheer inertia prevent this. Not having enough people is always a challenge but the one key thing to make sure of is that the people you do have are the best they can be. Having good people can overcome a lack or process or technology every time.

The converse is not true. A company may have state-of-the-art technology and stellar processes but without good people to interact with your workforce and provide care and feeding of processes and technology, HR service delivery will suffer.

So when it comes to prioritizing the three factors of HR Service Delivery, People is always the wisest area to make the most investment.

Are you wondering how to improve any of these three areas in your organization? At Triad HR we have consultants with years of experience in HR operations who can help you evaluate your current situation, make recommendations for short-term adjustments, intermediate term fixes, and long-term investments to help you achieve the right balance of People, Process and Technology.

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