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Triad Has Heart

Triad Has Heart is my favorite part. It is the bit that creates meaning. Triad Has Heart is a reflection of how our small band of consultants repairs the world. Each year, we ask our consultants to nominate an organization and we make a donation in their name. As the emails with the choices come in, it is like opening presents! We are genuinely excited to get a small glimpse into our consultant’s hearts and often learn about initiatives we did not even know existed. We are proud to support good people giving back. Take a look at our 32 world changers: Triad Has Heart

Triad Has Heart has selected Bridge Lacrosse for a corporate sponsorship and to explore youth scholarships. We do this in memory of Macy Jaggers who passed away suddenly last November at the age of 48. Macy’s bigger than life personality and unwavering dedication to youth lacrosse endeared her in various lacrosse communities and forums. Her hilarious Tweets are legendary on LAX Twitter where her Twitter account description includes “My heart belongs to @bridgelacrosse”. As a Bridge Lacrosse Board Member, Macy worked to bring lacrosse to underserved communities. Macy was my friend and she spoke to me often about Bridge Lacrosse events, goals and her tremendous pride in the players.

This opportunity through Triad Has Heart to recognize Macy is completely personal for me. Here is an original poem I wrote and read at her Celebration of Life in November 2020:


Telephones and texts
These were our connectors
You were always there
Dependable and funny and supportive


There were parenting consults of many kinds
Some were assurances that our kids would figure it out, eventually
Others were unabashed ramblings of bragging and pride
But always there was sincere interest and love


Our shared views of humanity got lots of attention
Commiserating on the absolute madness of Trump
Discussing all the isms such as atheism, racism and sexism
Allying together was a gift indeed


Lacrosse was a frequent topic of course
We talked of athletes and coaches and teams
And the ever-present recruiting process
But mostly we talked of your favorite player, Max


We did tap into the legal side of things on occasion
Every two years you gave me my election choices for judges
And you were my sounding board for foster care situations
You were beyond generous with your legal expertise  


We supported each other in the craziness of life
Our stories, the stories that defined us
We talked about those
We listened to each other


Last week my telephone and texts went unanswered
I miss you.

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Good People Give Back

We support causes that are near and dear to our consultants’ hearts. Triad Has Heart is our commitment to giving back and doing good in our communities. In addition to the volunteer work our consultants are doing in their communities, each year, Triad HR donates to a variety of organizations and causes chosen by and on behalf of our consultants.

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