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Founded by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority member, Sha Givens, I Can Fly International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers vulnerable children and youth around the world through education and justice initiatives. Since 2005 I Can Fly International has assisted hundreds of women and children in their plight against early marriages, female genital mutilation, sexual abuse, child labor, tribal wars, illiteracy and extreme poverty.

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I met Ms. Sha Givens at a Sorority convention and was so moved by the work being done by such a small organization to save and protect young girls in Kenya. Hearing the personal stories of young girls like Rebecca Nabaala moved me to tears but also gave me great hope in the strong will of these young girls to survive and in the I Can Fly Organization to provide a safe place where that will can be nurtured.  Ms. Givens began this mission after meeting girls as young as six and ten years old who were married off to 55-year-old and older men for the price of $40 cash and a cow because of a cultural tradition in their village. This organization is dedicated to protecting the rights of young girls and boys through rescues and education.

Today there are over 200 children in the program at the I Can Fly High School and the I Can Fly Rescue Center where they provide shelter, three meals per day, school tuition, uniforms, beds, sheets, blankets, school supplies, shoes, books, feminine products, enrichment activities, counseling and special care twenty-four hours per day. Many children arrive at the facility with just the clothes on their backs. They often leave everything behind once they are rescued. Upon arrival each child is treated with the love and care they richly deserve.  

In November 2019, I Can Fly participated in it’s first Female Genital Mutilation sting operation where they along with other organization leaders and the local police in Migori, Kenya organized a mission to rescue dozens of girls before they were forced to participate in female mutilation ceremonies.

An I Can Fly initiative; The Butterfly Project solution offers free education to vulnerable girls from five distinct counties in Kenya. Most of the girls come from small, rural villages where water, food, and other basic needs are scarce due to unemployment and drought. The Butterfly girls live on the I Can Fly school campus in the Butterfly House.

The Butterfly Houses are equipped with beds, modern amenities and living room space. Three meals per day, 24 hour security, transportation and enrichment activities are also provided.

For the cost of a bottle of wine or a movie ticket and a bag of popcorn you can save the life a young girl from the horrors of forced marriage, female genital mutilation, sex trade or child labor.  With this in mind, I am most thankful that Triad HR cares and has the heart to support those in need not only in this country but around the world as well.

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